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Why do I have extra skill points?

If you are playing a Cygnus Knight class, you need to complete a short questline to get Call of Cygnus, Cygnus Knight's Maple Warrior buff

If you are playing Ark, Hoyoung, or Adele, you must complete your storyline quests to receive certain skills

If you are 4th job and have extra skill points, you need to buy Mastery Books from Illiad in Leafre which increase the Master Level on certain 4th job skills. Certain in-game content will also reward you with Mastery Boxes can function both as a Mastery Book 20 or 30

What should I assign my AP into?

Using Auto Assign is completely fine. There are no longer any off-meta ways to assign AP

Pirate Explorers have the option of Auto Assigning STR and DEX, ONLY chose STR for Buccaneers and ONLY DEX for Cosairs

Xenon have the option of Auto Assigning STR,DEX and LUK, all are viable and should be balanced evenly

How should I put my SP? Are there are Skill Builds?

As of November 20, 2019, all classes are able to max all their skills except for Beast Tamer which has only enough SP to max out two Animal Skill Trees

Characters created prior to this date will need to buy a SP Reset Scroll with mesos from Matilda in Regular Servers or Cash Shop in Reboot Servers. You can also find them in Event Shops if there is one currently around

On guidance for how to allocate your SP, max out Passives first, then Buffs, then Attacks. Prioritize passives that either require few SP to max or provide damage increases

When is __ class coming out?

If a class came out in the (November~January) Winter in KMS, expect it to come out (May~July) in the Summer

If a class came out in the (June~August) Summer in KMS, expect it to come out (November~December) in the Winter

I cannot drop or sell any items or use Auction House

If your account is newly created or you purchased NX Credit (not prepaid) for the first time on your account, you will receive a 7-day Trade Restriction for security reasons

Can I delete a (Mega/Tera) Burning Character and remake it?

Yes you can, but you will not be able to use the same name since characters have a 24hr deletion period. You will also get the items on the new Burning character you remade too

What are these things floating above people's heads

They are from Soul Weapons, you need to defeat a boss and obtain 10 [Soul Shards] to exchange for a random Soul type of that boss. Different Soul types provide different stats, there is also a 'Magnificent' modifier that is different from the rest

You can also get Boss Souls from Gachapon and Marvel Machine which is NX Content

What are these people floating behind people's characters

They are from Professions, when you reach the Meister rank in Blacksmithing, Accessory Crafting or Alchemy, you can choose to have a special effect above your character

Why does this item give less range compared to one that seems stronger?

Certain equipment have Set Effect bonuses which you may break by equipping something else

For Kanna, there is a passive that converts MP from items into HP. Additionally, Kanna gains increased Magic Attack based on your Max HP

Can I have 2 MapleStory clients open on one computer at once?

No, only one client can be opened at a time

How do I change to another class on my character?

That is not possible unless you are of the Explorers (Bishop, Shadower, Hero, etc.) class group. If you are part of the Explorers class group, then you can job change to another class as long as it's still within the same job group (ex. Mage, Warrior, Thief). You can use [Job Advancement Coins] from Event Shops or pay a Meso fee to your 4th Job Instructor in Leafre

I can't find the __ Button/UI on my left-hand side Icons

Certain icons appear after you have reached a certain level so, if you do not see them it is most likely because you are not high enough level

If it is the Giftbox icon you are looking for in GMS, it only appears when you have a gift. If a gift expires, the Giftbox will disappear

Your minimap may also block some of your icons, try moving it if you cannot see certain icons!

I'm playing this Explorer Pirate class that I thought uses STR, why am I getting more range from DEX??

Explorer Pirate's Link Skill has a togglable effect where you can swap STR + %STR stats into DEX + %DEX and vice versa, DEX + %DEX into STR + %STR. Double clicking the Link Skill in the Link Skill Manager will turn this effect on/off

This effect only applies to the character with the original Link Skill and does not transfer if the Link Skill is applied to another character