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Link Manager UI

Link Skills are unique to each class and can be given to your other characters on the same World. Link Skills mostly come as passives but there are a few Active Link Skills too

Once a character reaches Level 70, they can share their Link Skill with another character. When you Share your Link Skill, both characters will gain the effect of the Link Skill. Sometimes Link Skills may have different effects for the character with the linked version. Link Skills grow stronger at Level 120 (Skill Level 2) and most grow stronger again at Level 210 (Skill Level 3). Some Link Skills can stack increasing the strength of the Link Skill by linking the same Link Skill multiple times from different characters of the same class group

A character can have up to 12 Link Skills (13 if considering themselves) linked to them at one time and each Link Skill can only be linked to one character at a time. Each Link Skill can be linked to a different character up to 10 times per day. The first 4 times are free however and will cost Mesos afterwards

For Link Skills that stack, linking them will automatically stack them together. Although, the class must be unique for the Link Skills to stack (ex. cannot be two Dark Knights, must be a Dark Knight and a Paladin or Hero)

Some advice in choosing Link Skills, choose ones that provide stats you need. For example, I am trying to reach 100% Crit Chance, I try to get as many %Crit Chance Link Skills to help me reach that goal. There are also other essential stats that are useful for all classes such as %Damage, %Boss Damage or %Ignore DEF. Other important Link Skills include ones that increase the amount of EXP gained

Link Manager Skill

To manage your Link Skills, open up your Skills Tab UI, and click into your Beginner skills. There you will find a skill called Link Manager

Note: If you do not see your Link Skill in the Link Manager, you may have to accept a quest in the Lightbulb tab on the left-hand side of the screen. If you still do not see it, try relogging

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Notable Link Skills:

Some Link Skills may fit multiple roles, for example, Lynn's Link Skill Skill Spirit Guide Blessing provides %Boss Damage, %Crit Rate and %Max HP/MP

For Damage:

  • Skill Solus [Ark] - %Damage
  • Skill Wild Rage [Demon Avenger] - %Damage
  • Skill Thief's Cunning [Explorer Thieves] - %Damage (for classes with debuffs)
  • Skill Pirate Blessing [Explorer Pirates] - All Stats (affected by %Stat)
  • Skill Tide of Battle [Illium] - %Damage
  • Skill Elementalism [Kanna] - %Damage
  • Skill Judgment (Kinesis) [Kinesis] - %Crit Damage
  • Skill Hybrid Logic [Xenon] - %All Stat

For Bossing + Ignore DEF:

  • Skill Terms and Conditions[Angelic Buster] - For Burst skills
  • Skill Terms and Conditions[Adele] - %Boss Damage
  • Skill Spirit Guide Blessing [Lynn] - %Boss Damage, %Crit Rate and %Max HP/MP
  • Skill Cygnus Blessing [Cygnus Knights] - Useful for Abnormal Status Resistance and slight damage boost
  • Skill Fury Unleashed [Demon Slayer] - %Boss Damage
  • Skill Empirical Knowledge [Explorer Mages] - %Ignore DEF
  • Skill Light Wash [Luminous] - %Ignore DEF
  • Skill Knight's Watch [Mihile] - Useful for Abnormal Status Resistance
  • Skill Spirit of Freedom [Resistance] - iFrames after reviving
  • Skill Close Call [Shade] - Utility, chance to not die from fatal attacks
  • Skill Rhinne's Blessing [Zero] - %Ignore DEF

For Training:

  • Skill Combo Kill Blessing [Aran] - Useful for pre-200
  • Skill Unfair Advantage [Cadena] - Increased %Damage to lower level enemies + enemies with Abnormal Statuses
  • Skill Rune Persistence [Evan] - Useful all levels especially pre-200
  • Skill Bravado [Hoyoung] - Useful if you need a small boost to one-shot enemies
  • Skill Iron Will (Kaiser) [Kaiser] - For pre-200 if you die a lot
  • Skill Elven Blessing (Linked)[Mercedes] - Best results for training Lv. 200+

For Low Crit Rate:

  • Skill Adventurer's Curiosity[Explorer Archers] - Up to 10%
  • Skill Spirit Guide Blessing [Lynn] - Up to 10%
  • Skill Phantom Instinct [Phantom] - Up to 20%

Examples of Link Skill Builds:


Skill Combo Kill Blessing Skill Solus Skill Unfair Advantage Skill Wild Rage Skill Rune Persistence Skill Adventurer's Curiosity Skill Thief's Cunning Skill Pirate Blessing Skill Bravado Skill Rhinne's Blessing Skill Elementalism Skill Elven Blessing (Linked)

(Aran, Ark, Cadena, Demon Avenger, Evan, Explorer Archer, Explorer Thief, Explorer Pirate, Hoyoung, Zero, Kanna, Mercedes)

Rationale: Increased EXP Gain, Damage, and Damage Reduction if required. If you feel that you do not need extra survivability, you can swap out some Link Skills for more damage or other stats like %Crit Rate

Other options: Skill Spirit Guide Blessing (Crit Rate, Max HP/MP), Skill Cygnus Blessing (Damage), Skill Keen Edge (Damage), Skill Tide of Battle (Damage), Skill Iron Will (Kaiser) (Max HP), Skill Phantom Instinct (Crit Rate), Skill Hybrid Logic (Damage) (Lynn, Cygnus Knights, Hayato, Illium, Kaiser, Phantom, and Xenon)


Skill Cygnus Blessing Skill Spirit Guide Blessing Skill Close Call Skill Fury Unleashed Skill Pirate Blessing Skill Empirical Knowledge Skill Adventurer's Curiosity Skill Thief's Cunning Skill Spirit of Freedom Skill Judgment (Kinesis) Skill Light Wash Skill Phantom Instinct

(Cygnus Knights, Lynn, Shade, Demon Slayer, Explorer Pirate, Explorer Mage, Explorer Archer, Explorer Thief, Resistance, Kinesis, Luminous, Phantom)

Rationale: Increased damage, %Crit Rate (to get 100% if needed), and %Ignore DEF. Other Link Skills are used for utility and survivability

Other options: Skill Terms and Conditions (Damage), Skill Solus (Damage), Skill Wild Rage (Damage), Skill Invincible Belief (Damage), Skill Tide of Battle (Damage), Skill Knight's Watch (Abnormal Status Resistance), Skill Hybrid Logic (Damage), Skill Rhinne's Blessing (%Ignore DEF) (Angelic Buster, Ark, Demon Avenger, Explorer Warrior, Illium, Mihile, Xenon, and Zero)

Third Example:

Skill Solus Skill Spirit Guide Blessing Skill Adventurer's Curiosity Skill Thief's Cunning Skill Judgment (Kinesis) Skill Light Wash Skill Elven Blessing (Linked) Skill Phantom Instinct Skill Pirate Blessing Skill Rhinne's Blessing Skill Close Call Skill Elementalism

(Ark, Lynn, Explorer Archer, Explorer Thief, Kinesis, Luminous, Mercedes, Phantom, Explorer Pirate, Zero, Shade, Kanna)

Rational: A sort of what I'd use normally for both bossing and training without having to switch. I try to incorporate as much damage as possible but also include important stats I need such as %Crit Rate, %Crit Damage and %Ignore DEF

Other options: Skill Cygnus Blessing (Damage, Abnormal Status Resistance), Skill Wild Rage (Damage), Skill Fury Unleashed (Boss Damage), Skill Rune Persistence (EXP Gain), Skill Empirical Knowledge (Damage, %Ignore DEF), Skill Spirit of Freedom (Invincibility after reviving) (Cygnus Knights, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Evan, Explorer Mage, and Resistance

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