Battle Mage

Class Properties

Class GroupResistance
Job GroupMagician
Primary StatINT
Secondary StatLUK
Legion Bonus
Grants flat INT
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Magic Marble
Skill Preview

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All Actives

Active Buffs:
Skill Staff Boost[200s]
Skill Maple Warrior[900s]
Toggles:Skill Condemnation Skill Dark Shock Skill Battle Rage Skill Mana Overload(30s cd) | Auras [ Skill Hasty Aura / Skill Draining Aura / Skill Blue Aura / Skill Dark Aura / Skill Weakening Aura ]
Summons & Placables:
Skill Altar of Annihilation[40s](0.5s cd, 23s recharge)
Skill Grim Harvest[30s](90s cd)
Skill Resistance Infantry[10s](25s cd)
Buffs with Cooldowns:
Skill Master of Death[30s](180s cd)
Skill For Liberty[60s](120s cd)
Skill Aura Scythe[40s](90s cd)
Skill Abyssal Lightning[40s](180s cd)
Skill Maple World Goddess's Blessing[60s](180s cd)
Skill Crimson Pact[10s](360s cd)
Skill Abyssal Lightning(180s cd)
Skill Crimson Pact(360s cd)
Damage Reduction (%Max HP):
Skill Party Shield[40s](-10% | 180s cd)
Skill Ethereal Form[3s](-MP | 60s cd)

Base Stats (From Skills)

Magic Attack: [Skill Dark Aura +15%] [Skill Spell Boost +10%]
Crit Rate: [Skill Staff Artist +15%] [Skill Staff Mastery +20%] [Skill Battle Rage +20% while active]
Crit Damage: [Skill Battle Mastery +15%] [Skill Staff Expert +20%] [Skill Battle Rage +10% while active]
Damage: [Skill Spell Boost +10%] [Skill Dark Aura +10% while active] [Skill Battle Rage +25% while active]
Final Damage: [Skill Battle Mastery +25%] [Skill Spell Boost
Knockback Resistance: [Skill Power Stance +100%]
Attack Speed (Weapon): Stage 8 [Skill Hasty Aura +1 while active, does not bypass Soft Cap]
Ignore DEF: [Skill Spell Boost +30%] [Skill Weakening Aura +20% from debuff]
Abnormal Status Resistance: [Skill Blue Aura 30 & 20 while active]

Example Skill Build Path

1st Job:Skill Combat Teleport -> Skill Staff Artist -> Skill Hasty Aura -> Skill Triple Blow
2nd Job:Skill High Wisdom -> Skill Ordinary Conversion -> Skill Staff Mastery -> Skill Staff Boost -> Skill Draining Aura -> Skill Quad Blow -> Skill Dark Chain
3rd Job:Skill Power Stance -> Skill Dark Conditioning -> Skill Battle Mastery -> Skill Blue Aura -> Skill Dark Shock -> Skill Quintuple Blow -> Skill Battle Burst
4th Job:Skill Staff Expert -> Skill Spell Boost -> Skill Finishing Blow -> Skill Maple Warrior -> Skill Dark Aura -> Skill Weakening Aura -> Skill Party Shield -> Skill Battle Rage -> Skill Dark Genesis -> Skill Hero's Will
  • All 1st to 4th Job skills can be maxed
  • Put one SP into each skill first and then max each skill in this order
  • For any skills that have prerequisites, follow them first before following build path
Hyper Skill Passive Build


  • Skill Dark Genesis - Cooldown Cutter Skill Dark Genesis - Reinforce Skill Dark Genesis - Additional Reinforce Dark Genesis - Cooldown Cutter, Reinforce and Additional Reinforce
  • Skill Weakening Aura - Elemental Decrease Dark Aura - Boss Rush
  • Last SP free for any


  • Skill Dark Aura - Boss Rush Dark Aura - Boss Rush
  • Skill Weakening Aura - Elemental Decrease Weakening Aura - Elemental Decrease
  • Skill Blue Aura - Dispel Magic Blue Aura - Dispel Magic
  • Skill Party Shield - Cooldown Cutter Skill Party Shield - Enhance Party Shield - Cooldown Cutter and Enhance
Recommended Skills for Boost Node Trios
Primary Trio
Skill Finishing Blow Skill Dark Shock Skill Sweeping Staff
Secondary Trio
Skill Condemnation Skill Smash Swing Skill Battle Burst
  • Any combination of these skills are good but preferred from same category as you want to max primary first
  • 4 Boost Nodes total are needed to reach Master Level 60 for these skills (with Matrix Points used)
    • Nodes with the same Main Skill (skill at the top) cannot be equipped at the same time
All Possible Skills Obtainable for Boost Nodes
Skill Triple Blow Skill Condemnation Skill Quad Blow Skill Dark Chain Skill Quintuple Blow Skill Battle Burst Skill Dark Shock Skill Finishing Blow Skill Dark Genesis Skill Sweeping Staff
Recommended Inner Ability
  • Boss Damage +20% or Meso Obtained +20% (For Farming)
  • Crit Rate +20%
  • Damage to Debuffed +8%

How to create a Battle Mage

To create one, choose the 'Resistance' option in the Character Creation screen and then continue through the story until Lv. 10 and talk to Brighton in the Secret Plaza when prompt with choosing a class

For more information about Battle Mage check out:


Skill Icons + Animations: Ikasuu
Boost Nodes Build + Inner Ability: Maple Central
5th Job Skills Animations: KyoWantsCute