Class Properties

Class GroupOther (FriendStory)
Job GroupMagician
Primary StatINT
Secondary StatLUK
Legion Bonus
Grants flat INT
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Chess Piece
Skill Preview

All Actives

Active Buffs:Skill ESP Booster, Skill President
Toggles:Skill Mental Shield
Summons & Placables:Skill Psychic Drain(3s cd), Skill Mind Tremor(30s cd), Skill Ultimate - Trainwreck, Skill Psychic Tornado(180s cd), Skill Ultimate - Mind Over Matter(90s cd), Skill Ultimate - Psychic Shockwave(Passive), Skill Law of Gravity(60s cd)
Buffs with Cooldowns:Skill Mental Overdrive(180s cd)
Common V Buffs:Skill Otherworld Goddess(120s cd), Skill Mana Overload(59 - 30s cd), Skill Ethereal Form(60s cd)
Binds:Skill Mental Shock(180s cd)
iFrames:Skill Mental Tempest(120s cd), Skill Ethereal Form(60s cd)
Damage Reduction (%Max HP):Skill Otherworld Goddess's Blessing(-70% | 120s cd)

Link Skill

Base Stats (From Skills)

Magic Attack: [Skill Psychic Reinforcement +10%]
Crit Rate: [Skill ESP +10%] [Skill ESP Mastery +10%] [Skill Third Eye +20%]
Crit Damage: [Skill Third Eye +20%] [Skill Mastery +10%] [Skill Judgment up to +4%]
Damage: [Skill Pure Power +20%] [Skill Telepath Tactics +20%]
Final Damage: [Skill Mind Break +40%] [Skill Telepath Tactics +20%] [Skill Awakening +15%] [Skill Mind Tremor +10% from debuff]
Boss Damage: [Skill Psychic Charger +30%]
Attack Speed (Weapon): 3
Buff Duration: [ +20%]
Knockback Resistance: [Skill Psychic Bulwark +100%]
Ignore DEF: [Skill Mind Scrambler +25%] [Skill Mind Tremor +10% from debuff] [Skill Ultimate - Metal Press/Skill Psychic Clutch/Skill Ultimate - Psychic Shot +15% from debuff]
Abnormal Status Resistance: [Skill Transcendence 20] [Skill Clear Mind 20]

Example Skill Build Path

1st Job:Skill Kinetic Step -> Skill Mental Fortitude -> Skill ESP Booster -> Skill Psychic Force -> Skill Ultimate - Metal Press -> Skill Kinetic Crash
2nd Job:Skill Mental Strength -> Skill ESP Mastery -> Skill Pure Power -> Skill Psychic Armor -> Skill Psychic Drain -> Skill Ultimate - Deep Impact -> Skill Psychic Blast -> Skill Kinetic Piledriver
3rd Job:Skill Kinetic Jaunt -> -> Skill Transcendence -> Skill Psychic Reinforcement -> Skill Psychic Bulwark -> Skill Kinetic Combo -> Skill Third Eye (Kinesis) -> Skill Ultimate - Trainwreck -> Skill Mind Tremor -> Skill Psychic Assault -> Skill Psychic Grab
4th Job:Skill Mastery -> Skill Mind Scrambler -> Skill Supreme Concentration -> Skill Awakening -> Skill Telepath Tactics -> Skill Critical Rush -> Skill President -> Skill Psychic Clutch -> Skill Psychic Charger -> Skill Mind Quake -> Skill Ultimate - B.P.M. -> Skill Mind Break -> Skill Clear Mind
  • All 1st to 4th Job skills can be maxed
  • Put one SP into each skill first and then max each skill in this order
  • For any skills that have prerequisites, follow them first before following build path
Hyper Skill Passive Build
  • Skill Psychic Grab - Boss Point Skill Psychic Grab - Reinforce Psychic Grab - Boss Point and Reinforce
  • Skill Mind Tremor - Overwhelm Skill Mind Tremor - Reinforce Mind Tremor - Overwhelm, Reinforce
  • Skill Kinetic Combo - Opportunity Kinetic Combo - Opportunity
Recommended Skills for Boost Nodes
Skill Psychic Grab Skill Ultimate - B.P.M. Skill Ultimate - Metal Press Skill Ultimate - Trainwreck Skill Kinetic Combo Skill Mental Tempest
All Possible Skills Obtainable for Boost Nodes
Skill Psychic Force Skill Kinetic Crash Skill Kinetic Piledriver Skill Ultimate - Deep Impact Skill Psychic Drain Skill Psychic Grab Skill Ultimate - Trainwreck Skill Kinetic Combo Skill Ultimate - B.P.M. Skill Mental Tempest Skill Mental Shock Skill Ultimate - Metal Press
Recommended Inner Ability
  • Attack Speed +1
  • Crit Rate +20%
  • Boss Damage +10%

Psychic Points

Psychic Points

Kinesis does not use MP and instead uses Psychic Points (PP) for special Ultimate skills. PP is generated by using most non-Ultimate skills. Your PP capacity will increase every time you Job Advance (excluding 5th Job)

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Skill Icons + Animations: Ikasuu
Boost Nodes Build + Inner Ability: Maple Central
5th Job Skills Animations: KyoWantsCute