Class Properties

Class GroupNova
Job GroupArcher
Primary StatDEX
Secondary StatSTR
Legion Bonus
Grants flat DEX
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Weapon Belt
Skill Preview

All Actives

Active Buffs:, (Toggle), (Toggle),
Summons:Skill Dragon Fang(Toggle), Skill Lasting Grudge(Toggle), Skill Guided Arrow(60s cd), Skill Grip of Agony(180s cd)
Buffs with Cooldowns:(180s cd), (180s cd)
Common V Buffs:(240s cd), (120s cd)
iFrames:(40s cd), (180s cd), Skill Might of the Nova(1200s cd blocks 1 death)

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Base Stats (From Skills)

Crit Rate: [Skill Assassin +35%] [Skill Natural Born Instinct +20%]
Crit Damage: [Skill Dogma +20%] [Skill Whispershot Mastery +20%]
Final Damage: [Skill Natural Born Instinct +20%] [Skill Dogma +20%] [Skill Whispershot Mastery +30%]
Damage: [Skill Adapt to Death +10%]
Boss Damage: [Skill Adapt to Death +10%]
Knockback Resistance: [Skill Assassin +50%]
Attack Speed: 2
Ignore DEF: [Skill Natural Born Instinct +10%] [Skill Dogma +30%]
Abnormal Status Resistance: [Skill Natural Born Instinct 30]

Example Skill Build Path

1st Job:Skill Shadow Swiftness -> Skill Covert -> Skill Assassin -> Skill Shadow Step -> Skill Grappling Wire -> Skill Strike Arrow
2nd Job:Skill Physical Training -> Skill Whispershot Booster -> Whispershot Mastery -> Skill Strike Arrow II -> Skill Scattering Shot -> Skill Dragon Fang
3rd Job:Skill Grinding -> Skill Natural Born Instinct -> Lasting Grudge -> Skill Phantom Blade -> Skill Tearing Knife -> Skill Shaft Break -> Skill Death
4th Job:Advanced Death -> Skill Dogma -> Skill Adapt to Death -> Skill Grinding II -> Skill Whispershot Expert -> Skill Chain Sickle -> Skill Nova Warrior -> Skill Dragon Scale -> Skill Falling Dust -> Skill Poison Needle -> Skill Nova Temperance
  • Put one SP into each skill first and then max each skill in this order
  • For any skills that have prerequisites, follow them first before following build path
Hyper Skill Passive Build
  • Whispershot - Guardbreak and Reinforce
  • Execute - Reinforce and Enhance
  • Lasting Grudge - Reinforce
Recommended Skills for Boost Nodes
Skill Death Skill Strike Arrow Skill Dragon Fang Skill Scattering Shot Skill Falling Dust Skill Shaft Break Skill Chain Sickle Skill Phantom Blade
All Possible Skills Obtainable for Boost Nodes
Skill Death Skill Strike Arrow Skill Dragon Fang Skill Scattering Shot Skill Falling Dust Skill Shaft Break Skill Chain Sickle Skill Phantom Blade
Recommended Inner Ability
  • Boss Damage +20%
  • Crit Rate +20%
  • Damage to Debuffed +8%

Possess and Execute Skills

Animated GIF

In 2nd Job, you gain access to your special resource gauge, Possess that utilizes Malice. Malice is gained periodically and from attacking enemies with Whispershot skills like Strike Arrow. Every 100 Malice, you gain a Malice Stone that is used to enter Possess state. In Possess state, enhances one attack granting it special effects. Possess skills share the same Skill Key and Skill Points (SP) as their regular version. Possess skills also have their own independent cooldowns from the regular skill

  • 20 Malice is generated periodically in 2nd Job, it is increased to 30 in 4th Job
  • 13 Malice is generated when landing a Whispershot skill, it is increased to 18 in 4th Job

Below is all skills that have a Possess form:

  • / Strike Arrow (1st Job)
  • / Scattering Shot (2nd Job)
  • / Shaft Break (3rd Job)
  • / Falling Dust (4th Job)
  • / Unseen Sniper (Hyper Skill)
  • Dragon Burst (5th Job) - Always usable

Additionally, in 3rd Job, you gain a passive called Death's Blessing. Possess skills add stacks of Death's Blessing which new Execute skills will detonate one stack for a devastating additional attack. Detonating Death's Blessing will also grant a %Final Damage buff to Death's Blessing and Execute skills.

Execute skills as mentioned detonate one stack of Death's Blessings. When you defeat an enemy with an Execute skills or detonate a stack of Death's Blessing, the cooldown of Shadow Step (1st Job) is reset.

Below is all your Execute skills:

  • Phantom Blade (3rd Job) - Does not reset dash
  • Tearing Knife (3rd Job)
  • Chain Sickle (4th Job)
  • Poison Needle (4th Job)
  • Unseen Sniper (Hyper Skill)
  • Fatal Blitz (5th Job)

Lastly, several skills have a recharging cartridge system where you have a set amount of ammo which recharges over time. Below is a list of all cartridge system skills:

  • Scattering Shot (2nd Job) - 3 Charges, 6 sec recharge
  • Shaft Break (3rd Job) - 3 Charges, 8 sec recharge
  • Falling Dust (4th Job) - 2 Charges, 10 sec recharge

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Skill Icons, Animations: Ikasuu
Common 5th Job Skills Animations: OrangeMushroom