Class Properties

Class GroupHeroes
Job GroupPirate
Primary StatSTR
Secondary StatDEX
Legion Bonus
Increases %Crit Damage
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Fox Marble
Skill Preview

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All Actives

Active Buffs:
Skill Maple Warrior[900s]
Toggles:Skill Fox Spirits Skill Summon Other Spirit
Summons & Placables:
Skill Spiritgate[30s](60s cd)
Buffs with Cooldowns:
Skill Spirit Ward[30s / 3 Blocks](60s cd)
Skill Spirit Bond Max[30s](120s cd)
Skill Heroic Memories[60s](120s cd)
Skill Spirit Flow[60s](120s cd)
Skill Freud[30s per stack](240s cd, 25s cd between each stack)
Skill Overdrive[28s](60s cd)
Skill Maple World Goddess's Blessing[45s](180s cd)
Skill Loaded Dice(10s cd)(180s cd Skill Roll of the Dice)
Skill Spirit Trap[10s](210s cd)
Skill Advent of the Fox[10s](360s cd)
Skill Summon Other Spirit[3s](1800s cd revive)
Skill Spirit Incarnation[Up to 8s](120s cd)
Skill Freud[30s](240s cd)
Skill Advent of the Fox(360s cd)
Damage Reduction (%Max HP):
Skill Smashing Multipunch[Up to 1.3s](-50% | 60s cd)

Base Stats (From Skills)

Crit Rate: [Skill Critical Insight +25% & +75% when enemy is below 50% HP]
Crit Damage: [Skill Advanced Knuckle Mastery +20%] [Skill Critical Insight +25% when enemy is below 50% HP]
Damage: [Skill Spirit Bond 3 +20%] [Skill Weaken +20% from debuff]
Final Damage: [Skill Spirit Bond 4 +15%] [Skill Advanced Knuckle Mastery +16%] [Skill Blade Imp - Downward Slash +10% from debuff]
Boss Damage: [Skill Spirit Bond 4 +30%]
Knockback Resistance: [Skill Spirit Bond 1 +100%]
Attack Speed (Weapon): Stage 7
Ignore DEF: [Skill Spirit Bond 4 +30%]
Abnormal Status Resistance: [Skill Harmonious Defense 40]
Summon Duration: [Skill Spirit Affinity +5%]

Example Skill Build Path

1st Job:Skill Vulpes Leap -> Skill Cosmic Balance -> Skill Flash Fist
2nd Job:Skill Physical Training -> Skill Spirit Bond 2 -> Skill Knuckle Mastery -> Skill Fox Spirit Mastery -> Skill Blade Imp - Forward Slash -> Skill Blade Imp - Downward Slash -> Skill Back Step -> Skill Ground Pound
3rd Job:Skill Harmonious Defense -> Skill Summon Other Spirit -> Skill Spirit Bond 3 -> Skill Weaken -> Skill Blade Imp - Spin Slash -> Skill Spirit Trap -> Skill Spirit Frenzy -> Skill Shockwave Punch
4th Job:Skill Fire Fox Spirit Mastery -> Skill Advanced Knuckle Mastery -> Skill Critical Insight -> Skill Spirit Bond 4 -> Skill Bomb Punch -> Skill Maple Warrior -> Skill Spirit Ward -> Skill Soul Splitter -> Skill Death Mark -> Skill Spirit Claw -> Skill Hero's Will
  • All 1st to 4th Job skills can be maxed
  • Put one SP into each skill first and then max each skill in this order
  • For any skills that have prerequisites, follow them first before following build path
Hyper Skill Passive Build
  • Skill Spirit Claw - Reinforce Skill Spirit Claw - Boss Rush Skill Spirit Claw - Extra Strike Spirit Claw - Reinforce, Boss Rush and Extra Strike
  • Skill Bomb Punch - Reinforce Skill Bomb Punch - Critical Chance Bomb Punch - Reinforce and Critical Chance OR Skill Fire Fox Spirits - Reinforce Skill Fire Fox Spirits-Summon Chance Fire Fox Spirits - Reinforce and Summon Chance
    • This is purely your preference if you mob with Spirit Claw or Bomb Punch
    • If you have 100% Crit Chance you can substitute Bomb Punch - Critical Chance
Recommended Skills for Boost Node Trios
Primary Trio
Skill Spirit Claw Skill Bomb Punch Skill Fox Spirits
Secondary Trio
Skill Spirit Frenzy Skill Spirit Incarnation Skill Death Mark
  • Any combination of these skills are good but preferred from same category as you want to max primary first
  • 4 Boost Nodes total are needed to reach Master Level 60 for these skills (with Matrix Points used)
    • Nodes with the same Main Skill (skill at the top) cannot be equipped at the same time
All Possible Skills Obtainable for Boost Nodes
Skill Flash Fist Skill Ground Pound Skill Blade Imp - Downward Slash Skill Blade Imp - Forward Slash Skill Fox Spirits Skill Shockwave Punch Skill Blade Imp - Spin Slash Skill Spirit Frenzy Skill Spirit Trap Skill Summon Other Spirit Skill Bomb Punch Skill Spirit Claw Skill Death Mark Skill Soul Splitter Skill Spirit Incarnation
Recommended Inner Ability
  • Boss Damage +20%
  • Crit Rate +20%
  • Damage to Debuffed +8%

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Skill Icons + Animations: Ikasuu
Hyper Passive Build: Mahkii
Boost Nodes Build + Inner Ability: Maple Central