Tera Burning

What is Tera Burning

Tera Burning is an event where NEWLY created characters after level 10 gain 2 extra levels for every level up until level 200. That means you will get 3 levels for every level up! This event is open to servers, both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds. Certain characters cannot be burned which includes Zero and any newly released classes if stated


If you create an Illium character and select it as "Burning", you will need to complete your Illium questline first before teleporting out of the area. Otherwise you won't be able to get your 2nd job advancement properly

You may remake your Burning character BUT you will need to wait 24 hours for a character to be fully deleted if you want to choose the same name

“Tera Burning” effect stops when you have reached level 200 or when the event is over. It is not a permanent effect

All unopened rewards (Mysterious Cryptic Gift Box, Lv. 30 Equipment Box, Legendary Cryptic Chest, etc) expire after the burning event is over. Opened items will be kept, the boxes themselves expire!

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Note: DPM Charts are really bad indicators of if a class is good or not! These tests are performed under PERFECT CONDITIONS so does not translate directly to how much damage a class really does. As well, DPM ≠ Fun nor best class!! There are classes with better mobbing or better mobility or better bossing BUT no class has everything


Rewards are given through a quest in the Star (Events) tab on the left side of the screen. All rewards are given at level 10 but some items require you to be a certain level to open them

Frozen Gear

Level 10: Pet with Auto Loot

  • [Use] Mysterious Cryptic Gift Box Contains a pet Snail that lasts 5 hours of active play time
    • Box expires in 7-days if unopened
    • Pet comes with Meso Magnet and Item Pouch
    • Pet Cannot be moved to Cash Inventory and cannot be revived with Water of Life

Level 30:

  • [Use] Lv. 30 Equipment Box
    • Box containing Lv. 30 equipment for your class
    • Box expires after a set date if unopened, items inside are permanent

Level 100: Permanent Frozen Equipment

Character Frozen Set

Level 150: Temporary Root Abyss Set, 70% Scrolled + 12 Stars + Epic Potential (90 Days)

CRA Gear

Level 200 + 5th Job:

[Note]: The title can only be used after completing 5th Job Advancement and the "A Greater Power, Arcane Power" quest Note: The title is permanent but the stats expire (30 days), you receive this instead of the Mega Burning "Keep on Burning" title

  • [Use] Eternal Flame Title Coupon
    • Contains the Keep on Burning Title listed below
    • Coupon expires after a set date if unredeemed
  • [Set-up] Eternal Flame
    • Stats last 30 days
    • +15 All Stats
    • +750 Max HP/MP
    • +15 Attack/Magic Attack
    • +10% EXP
    • +10% Boss Damage
    • +10% Ignore DEF
    • +50 Arcane Power


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