Synergy Ring

The Synergy Ring is an event ring that costs 800 coins during major events with a coin shop. The special feature of this ring is that you gain a "Bonus Set Effect" based on how many characters of your characters (in the same world) have the ring equipped. That means the total cost will be 4000 coins to have the full benefits of the ring. The ring can also obtain a potential (there are special Hard Cubes for the ring itself at a discounted price)

Synergy Ring Item


  • The ring will initially give you +10 ALL STATS, +1000 HP & MP and +12 ATK & MATK.
    • This is because you will gain the benefit of one character equipping the ring.
  • If you have the complete set bonus, you will gain +30 ALL STATS, +3000 HP & MP and +20 ATK & MATK.
  • Synergy Ring Only Cubes costs 30 coins each. 5 PER DAY


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