Maple Relay

What is Maple Relay?

Maple Relay is an event where you receive rewards for simply staying online. During the event, you will receive a reward daily for staying on 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, and 180 mins. Each time you claim the daily reward, you will add a point to the "Total Claimed" counter. As you reach 12, 32, 56, and 80 reward claims, you will receive a special reward. This means that each day you can obtain a total of 4 reward claims

Maple Relay UI

How do I participate?

To participate, your account must meet at least 1 of the following requirements:

  • Completed Black Heaven for Lotus Boss Entry
  • Have at least MVP Bronze
  • Have at least 150 total Star Force
    • Star Force is the quickest method if you fill up all your Equip Slots and Star Force each one to 10 stars

Once you meet 1 of the following requirements, you can accept the quest ‘[Maple Relay] Play with Popoh and Get Login Rewards!’ quest from the Maple Relay icon within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen. Upon accepting the quest, Maple Relay UI will pop up and login time will start to accumulate

During the event, once you've accepted the quest on one character, you do not need to accept the quest again on another character. As well, there is no level requirement, all you need to do is stay logged on

There is also a Keyboard Shortcut to open the Maple Relay UI that you can assign. Another way to open the UI is by accessing it from the star event notifier on the left side of the screen


Rewards may vary between each Maple Relay event but primarily you will get Reward Points Reward Points which can be used in the Maple Rewards Shop. Occasionally, Use Maple Point Gift Certificate Maple Points are also rewarded which function just like NX and do not expire

The "Total Claimed" rewards differ each Maple Relay but normally the 80 total claims reward is a Use Relay Master Box Relay Master Box which you can choose to either obtain an Eqp Absolab SaberAbsolab Weapon for your class or Eqp Dominator Pendant Dominator Pendant. Both items are special in which they have fixed stats that cannot be changed except for their Bonus Stats which can be Rebirth Flamed


The Absolab weapon from Maple Relay cannot be exchanged by Zero classes

The item coupons expire quickly if unopened! A majority of the items inside the coupons are permanent

You can keep receiving the daily rewards even after obtaining all the "Total Claimed" rewards

Rewards can only be claimed once per account. Daily rewards are reset daily

Rewards From July 22, 2020 Maple Relay:

Daily Rewards:

  • Use Reward Points 100 & 500 Maple Reward Points
  • Use Maple Points Gift Certificate Maple Points
  • Etc Rise Coin Rise Event Coins

Total Claimed Rewards:

  • Cash Navy Kidergarten Back-to-School HatCash Yellow Kindergarten Back-to-School Hat Cash Yellow Kindergarten Back-to-School OutfitCash Navy Kindergarten Back-to-School Outfit Kindergarten Back-to-School outfit (Cash Item)
  • Cash Glowing Cube Twelve Pack Glowing Cube Twelve Pack
  • Use 10k Maple Points 10k Maple Points
  • Use Relay Master Box Relay Master Box (Choice of Absolab Weapon or Dominator Pendant)

Kindergarten Back-to-School Outfit


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Information from: MapleStory Official Website