Chaos Ring

Introduced during the ARK update, this new event ring allows the user to reset it's stats and potential up to 10 times per week (resets Mondays). But, the ability to reset the ring lasts 180 days. After that, you will need to use Cubes to reset the potential. The ring can be cubed to LEGENDARY but the weekly free rerolls only go up to UNIQUE



  • Right click in inventory to pull up reset menu
    • You can still reset potential when ring is Unique.
    • Ability to reset lasts 180 days. Must use cubes after that to reset pot

Chaos Ring UI

  • All stat +30, ATK, MATK +20 and HP / MP +3000
    • Stats can either go up or down when you reset.
    • Max +/- 5 ATK/MATK
  • The ring can only obtain Legendary Potential from Glowing Cubes, Bright Cubes and Solid Cubes. The reroll function only goes up to unique. The reroll works like Hard Cubes.
  • Untradable (Cannot be transferred within account). The ring itself is permanent but the Chaos Ring Coupon itself expires in 10 days if it is not used
  • Costs 3500 coins to buy from Event Shop


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