Dawn Warrior

Class Properties

Class GroupCygnus Knights
Job GroupWarrior
Primary StatSTR
Secondary StatDEX
Legion Bonus
Grants flat Max HP
Primary Weapon
One-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword
Secondary Weapon
Skill Preview

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All Actives

Active Buffs:
Skill Call of Cygnus[900s]
Toggles:Skill Soul Element [ Skill Rising Sun / Skill Falling Moon / Skill Equinox Cycle ]
Summons & Placables:
Skill Cosmic Shower[45-75s](30s cd)
Skill Cosmos[15s](90s cd)
Skill Soul Eclipse[40s](180s cd)
Skill Phalanx Charge[70 Attacks](30s cd)
Buffs with Cooldowns:
Skill Cosmic Forge[60s](180s cd)
Skill Glory of the Guardians[60s](120s cd)
Skill Rift of Damnation[40s](180s cd)
Skill Weapon Aura[140s](180s recharge, up to 2 charges)
Skill Empress Cygnus's Blessing[45s](240s cd)
Skill Impenetrable Skin[18s](120s cd)
Skill Impaling Rays[10s](180s cd)
Skill Astral Blitz[10s](360s cd)
[ Skill Blazing Assault / Skill Luster Charge ][1.8s each](45s cd)
Skill Soul Eclipse(180s cd)
Skill Astral Blitz(360s cd)
Damage Reduction (%Max HP):
Skill Transcendent Cygnus's Blessing[15s](-5% | 240s cd)

Base Stats (From Skills)

Attack: [Skill Elemental Expert +10%]
Crit Rate: [Base +5%] [Skill Soul Pledge +10%] [Skill Falling Moon +35% while active]
Crit Damage: [Skill Student of the Blade +12%]
Boss Damage: [Skill Unpredictable +15%]
Final Damage: [Skill Soul Blessing III +10%] [Skill Rising Sun +25% while active] [Skill True Sight +5% from debuff]
Knockback Resistance: [Skill Soul of the Guardian +40%] [Skill Soul Pledge +60%]
Attack Speed (Weapon): [1H] Stage 7, [2H] Stage 6 [Skill Rising Sun +2 while active, bypasses Soft Cap]
Ignore DEF: [Skill Soul Element +10%] [Skill Unpredictable +30%] [Skill True Sight +10% from debuff]
Abnormal Status Resistance: [Skill Will of Steel 30] [Skill Cygnus Blessing up to 15]

Example Skill Build Path

1st Job:Skill Soul Element -> Skill Inner Voice -> Skill Soul of the Guardian -> Skill Rising Sun -> Skill Solar Slash
2nd Job:Skill Soul Blessing -> Skill Physical Training -> Skill Sword Mastery -> Skill Soul Speed -> Skill Divine Hand -> Skill Equinox Cycle -> Skill Celestial Vision -> Skill Cosmic Matter
3rd Job:Skill Soul Blessing II -> Skill Inner Voice -> Skill Equinox Mastery -> Skill Will of Steel -> Skill Bluster -> Skill Cosmic Shower -> Skill Celestial Vision II -> Skill True Sight
4th Job:Skill Soul Blessing III -> Skill Master of the Sword -> Skill Soul Pledge -> Skill Student of the Blade -> Skill Unpredictable -> Skill Call of Cygnus -> Skill Celestial Vision III -> Skill Cosmic Burst -> Skill Equinox Slash -> Skill Impaling Rays
  • All 1st to 4th Job skills can be maxed
  • Put one SP into each skill first and then max each skill in this order
  • For any skills that have prerequisites, follow them first before following build path
Hyper Skill Passive Build
  • Skill True Sight - Persist Skill True Sight - Enhance Skill True Sight - Guardbreak True Sight - Persist, Enhance, and Guardbreak
  • Skill Cosmic Shower/Burst - Reinforce Cosmic Shower/Burst - Reinforce
  • Skill Divide and Slash - Reinforce Divide and Slash - Reinforce
Recommended Skills for Boost Node Trios
Primary Trio
Skill Solar Slash Skill Cosmic Shower Skill Cosmic Burst
  • Any combination of these skills are good
  • 2 Boost Nodes total are needed to reach Master Level 60 for these skills (with Matrix Points used)
    • Nodes with the same Main Skill (skill at the top) cannot be equipped at the same time
All Possible Skills Obtainable for Boost Nodes
Skill Solar Slash Skill Cosmic Matter Skill Cosmic Shower Skill Bluster Skill Cosmic Burst Skill Equinox Slash Skill Impaling Rays Skill Blazing Assault
Recommended Inner Ability
  • Boss Damage +20% / Meso Obtained +20% (For Farming)
  • Damage to Abnormal Status +8%
  • Crit Rate +20%

How to create a Dawn Warrior

To create one, choose the 'Cygnus Knights' option in the Character Creation screen and then continue through the story until you reach Lv. 10 and Ereve. You will see 5 NPCs on the left after talking to Neinheart. Talk to Mihile to become a Dawn Warrior

Solar/Luna Stances & Cosmic Skills

Skill Equinox Cycle

Dawn Warrior has 2 stances - Solar and Luna. Both stances are unlocked in 1st Job and have separate skill sets. In 2nd Job, Skill Equinox Cycle Equinox Cycle is unlocked that automatically alternates between Solar and Luna stances while using attacks from each stance

Skill Rising Sun Rising Sun - Solar Stance (1st Job): Increases %Final Damage and provides increased Attack Speed

Skill Falling Moon Falling Moon - Luna Stance (1st Job): Increases %Crit Rate and doubles number of attacks dealt, however reduces your %Final Damage

Skill Equinox Cycle Equinox Cycle (2nd Job): Automatically alternates between stances after attacking in one stance

  • In 4th Job, the effects from both stances are applied together while Equinox Cycle is active

Skill Soul Element

In 1st Job, Skill Soul Element Soul Element is unlocked that generates a resource called 'Cosmic Orbs' when landing an Solar/Luna attack opposite stance of the previously successful attack. Cosmic Orbs are used to activate 'Cosmic' skills and for each Cosmic Orb, consumed empowers the skill. Below is a list of all Cosmic skills:

  • Skill Cosmic Matter Cosmic Matter - 2nd Job
  • Skill Cosmic Shower Cosmic Shower - 3rd Job
  • Skill Cosmic Burst Cosmic Burst - 4th Job
  • Skill Cosmos Cosmos - 5th Job

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Skill Icons + Animations: Ikasuu
Boost Nodes Build + Hyper Passive Build + Inner Ability: Maple Central
5th Job Skills Animations: KyoWantsCute