Attack Speed

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Attack Speed of your Weapon

Each Weapon in the game has an Attack Speed value in their description as follows:

Faster > Fast > Average > Slow > Slower

The values for each Attack Speed can be classified as such:

  • Slower (Stage 1)
  • Slow (Stage 2)
  • Slow (Stage 3)
  • Average (Stage 4)
  • Fast (Stage 5)
  • Fast (Stage 6)
  • Faster (Stage 7)

Fast and Slow have two values to them because there are certain weapons that have the same Attack Speed label but may be noticeably faster than the other

There are also 3 values greater than Faster (7) but no weapon naturally has an Attack Speed value above Faster (7). They can be classified as such:

  • Fastest (Stage 8)
  • Fastest (Stage 9)
  • Fastest (Stage 10)

[Note]: Hurricane-type / Key-down skills like Skill Hurricane Hurricane, Skill Mille Aiguilles Mille Aiguilles, Skill Ishtar's Ring Ishtar's Ring, Skill Beam Dance Beam Dance, or Skill Wild Arrow Blast Wild Arrow Blast are not affected by Attack Speed

[Note]: All mage classes are not affected by their weapon's Attack Speed. Instead, all skill casts use a base cast speed of Average (Stage 4) regardless of weapon

Savior Update Change

Prior to the Savior Update, Attack Speed referred to AS0 as the fastest and AS9 as the slowest. After the Savior Update, Stage 10 is the fastest and Stage 1 is the slowest. As well, the Weapon Speed "Normal" is now called "Average". For applicable regions, Stage 8 (AS2) is the Soft Cap and Stage 10 (AS0) is the Hard Cap.

In short, the Attack Speed numbering now increases instead of decreasing. This page uses the Post-Savior formatting

Below is a reference for converting from the old format to the new format from slowest to fastest:

  • AS9 -> Stage 1
  • AS8 -> Stage 2
  • AS7 -> Stage 3
  • AS6 -> Stage 4
  • AS5 -> Stage 5
  • AS4 -> Stage 6
  • AS3 -> Stage 7
  • AS2 -> Stage 8
  • AS1 -> Stage 9
  • AS0 -> Stage 10
Bonus Attack Speed Stat

In the Character Info UI, the Attack Speed stat will visually display up to Stage 8. Hovering over the stat will reveal a tooltip with the current sources of Attack Speed. For applicable regions, when surpassing the Attack Speed cap, it will state "*Bonus Attack Speed is in effect"

[Note]: As of Ver. 249 Minar Picnic, this tag is missing after the Character Stat/Info UI changes. The bonus Attack Speed is still in effect and this section will still be included in case it is fixed

Weapon Attack Speeds

Fast (6)

  • Dagger [1H] (Fast 6)
    • Sweetwater is (Faster 7)
  • Claw [2H] (Fast 6)
  • Chain [1H] (Fast 6)
  • Ritual Fan [1H] (Fast 6)
  • Bladecaster / Tuner [1H] (Fast 6)
  • Whispershot / Breath Shooter [1H] (Fast 6)
  • Chakram [2H] (Fast 6)
  • Memorial Staff [1H] (Fast 6)

Fast (5)

  • Sword [1H] (Fast 5)
  • Axe [1H] (Fast 5)
    • Sweetwater Axe is (Average 4)
  • Blunt Weapon [1H] (Fast 5)
    • Sweetwater Mace is (Average 4)
  • Soul Shooter [1H] (Fast 5)
    • Sweetwater is (Average 4)
  • Polearm [2H] (Fast 5)
    • Sweetwater is (Average 4)
  • Cane [1H] (Fast 5)
  • Knuckle [2H] (Fast 5)
  • Gun [2H] (Fast 5)
  • Whip Blade [1H] (Fast 5)
  • Katana [2H] (Fast 5)
  • Arm Cannon [2H] (Fast 5)

Average (4)

  • Wand [1H] (Average 4)
  • Shining Rod [1H] (Average 4)
  • Sword [2H] (Average 4)
  • Axe [2H] (Average 4)
  • Blunt Weapon [2H] (Average 4)
  • Spear [2H] (Average 4)
  • Bow [2H] (Average 4)
  • Crossbow [2H] (Average 4)
  • Dual Bowguns [2H] (Average 4)
  • Desperado [1H] (Average 4)
  • Psy-limiter [1H] (Average 4)
  • Long Sword (Zero) [1H] (Average 4)
  • Lucent Gauntlet [1H] (Average 4)
  • Ancient Bow [1H] (Average 4)

Slow (2)

  • Staff [1H] (Slow 2)
    • Elemental Staves is (Fast 6)
  • Hand Cannon [2H] (Slow 2)
  • Fan (Kanna) [2H] (Slow 2)
    • ACS and Genesis is (Average 4)
  • Heavy Sword (Zero) [1H] (Slow 2)

Weapon Boosting Skills and Sources

All classes have a passive or buff Skill Chakram Booster Skill Agile Magic Weapon Booster skill that increases your Attack Speed by +2 stages

A few classes have skills other than their typical weapon boosting skill that further that boosts their attack speed (i.e. Buccaneer or Thunder Breaker's Skill Speed Infusion Speed Infusion provides another +2 AS, a Kaiser using Skill Dragon Link key-command skills when their Dragon Gauge is filled provides another +2 AS, etc.)

As well, there are sources beyond your class's skills that you can obtain to further increase your Attack Speed (i.e. +1 AS Inner Ability +1 AS from Skill Speed Infusion Decent Speed Infusion, +1 AS from Use Extreme Green Potion Extreme Green Potion from Monster Park, etc.)

Calculating your final attack speed

The actual math in calculating your final Attack Speed is very easy. You just take your weapon's Attack Speed then add it by the total Attack Speed boosts you get from your skills and sources


A Dark Knight wielding a Eqp Fafnir Brionak Fafnir Brionak, which is Average (4). The Dark Knight uses their Skill Agile Arms Weapon Booster skill that gives +2 AS, plus they have Skill Speed Infusion Decent Speed Infusion that gives +1 AS (for a total of +3 AS). Thus, their final attack speed is: Average (4) + (+3 AS) = Faster (7)

A Cannoneer with a Eqp Fafnir Lost Cannon Fafnir Lost Cannon, which is Slow (2). The Cannoneer gets +2 AS from their Skill Agile Cannons Weapon Booster skill, +1 AS from the Skill Reinforced Cannon Reinforced Cannon skill, +1 AS from the Skill Cannon Overload Cannon Overload skill, +1 AS from the Use Extreme Green Potion Extreme Green Potion (for a total of +5 AS). Thus, their final attack speed is: Slow (2) + (+5 AS) = Faster (7)

However, there TWO speed caps in place to prevent players from going crazy over attack speed

Speed Cap 1 - The Soft Speed Cap

The first speed cap is the Soft Speed Cap, which is Fastest (8). Most attack speed boosting sources and skills cannot bypass the soft speed cap, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Skill Speed Infusion Decent Speed Infusion
  • +1 Attack Speed Inner Ability
  • Almost all Weapon Booster skills from your class' skills


A Shadower with a Eqp Fafnir Damascus Fafnir Damascus, which is Fast (6). The Shadower gets +2 AS from their Skill Agile Daggers Weapon Booster skill. They also have +1 AS Inner Ability. You may think her final attack speed is Fastest (1), since Fast (6) + (+3 AS) = Fastest (9). However, their weapon boosting skill nor the +1 AS inner ability can break the soft speed cap of Fastest (8). Thus, they are stuck at Fastest (8) despite their inner ability

Speed Cap 2 - The Hard Speed Cap

The absolute fastest Attack Speed a player can achieve is Fastest (10), no exceptions. Fastest (10) is thus known as the Hard Speed Cap

There are a handful of Attack Speed boost sources that can ignore the soft speed cap of Faster (8). These are the following:

You will need only one of these Attack Speed boosts to break through the Soft Speed cap to be able to reach the Hard Speed cap

Note: Depending on your server, you may have a Hard Speed Cap of Stage 8. GMS and MSEA has a Hard Speed Cap of Stage 10


An Aran with the Eqp Eviscerator Eviscerator polearm, which is Slower (1). The Aran gets +2 AS from their Skill Agile Polearms Weapon Booster skill, +1 AS from Skill Polearm Mastery Polearm Mastery skill, +1 AS from Skill Speed Infusion Decent Speed Infusion, +1 from Inner Ability, and +1 from Use Extreme Green Potion Extreme Green Potion (for a total of +6 AS). Thus, their attack speed would be: Slower (1) + (+6 AS) = Fastest (7)

Later, they find a Rune of Swiftness and uses it, granting them another +3 AS that can ignore the soft speed cap (for a total of +9 AS). Their final Attack Speed is Fastest (10)